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on your heating bills

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Saving on Heating Bills

From the first day of operation,
you will start to save money
from your heating bills


A sustainable solution

Energy is precious.
We are all about environmental


Quality and Innovation to Aid Recycling

Heatmine is using one of the most innovative
apparatus to efficiently recycle heat.


Daily Device Management & Support

Heamine will take of care everything for you.
No need to worry about installation
and maintenance.

How does it work

Heatmine has developed a technology that recycles thermal energy created by computer processors.

These processors, used for data processing, create enough excess heat that heats all types of devices related to water heating (radiators, boilers, ...)

Heatmine offers cheaper heating for homes, greenhouses, schools and swimming pools.

With Heatmine, processors do not waste energy but add value to your consumption.

For large heat requirements, several units
will be installed.

This will allow for a standard and quick
maintenance hot swap type in the possibility
of a broken unit section.

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What our clients are saying

The Heatmine community grows with every machine installed.
We treat our clients as partners and we are proud of the relationships we have built with them.